how to everything from dropbox

how to everything from dropbox

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I want to clear my dropbox but also download everything I've got on it. Is there a way to do that? If you are accessing Dropbox using a browser, you can select the folder you wish to download by highlighting it, then click the "Download" option on the menu ... Check all the items you want to download and then go to ... Go to the opening screen for your project in Dropbox and click on the "DOWNLOAD" button, then ... If you have many different kinds of files to be downloaded, you can create a temporary folder and put all target items in. Then, you just need to ... Instead of downloading and syncing all your folders, which can take up a lot of room, this feature keeps selected folders off your computer. Choose and save the file to your computer's hard drive or network drive. Repeat until all of the files you would like to move have been downloaded and saved. To download files from Dropbox, you'll need to open Dropbox in an ...